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A detox retreat is not only a wonderful way to shape up, improve your vitality, clear fuzzy thinking or get back to healthier habits after over-indulging, it is a unique opportunity to remove yourself from daily routine.

Taking a pause from life can ease anxiety and make you more open to new beginnings. The combination of treatments, juices and meditation will make your energy level soar and open your mind to creative ways of resolving problems and unwanted behaviour. 

Join me and a small group of like-minded people for a chance to (re)connect with your inner wisdom.

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I have personally selected the treatments available at The Whole Health Centre to complement and support each other.

They are all given by a team of highly qualified and insured therapists whose approach is coherent with the principles of wholistic health and personal development.

My team of dedicated and professional therapists shares a common philosophy. Each therapist aims to treat mind and body harmoniously and is committed to a client centered approach. 

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The self-care classes are held regularly at the Whole Health Centre.

They are structured to empower you with the best possible information to manage your health and well-being optimally.

Each Topic is divided into 4 modules or sessions of informal talks, workshop and exercises lasting 90 minutes each.

They address specific symptoms (back pain, anxiety, bowel issues and headaches) and the techniques  can be safely applied at home.


Urban Detox weekend

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Three days of treatments, juices and mindfulness led by Anne-Lise Miller and Shirley MacDonald.

Urban Detox weekend

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Three days of treatments, juices and mindfulness led by Anne-Lise Miller and Shirley MacDonald.

Residential Detox Retreats

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Lift the brain fog, wake up your system and relax in the peaceful surroundings of the French Pyrénées

Urban Detox weekend

>> Find out more

Three days of treatments, juices and mindfulness led by Anne-Lise Miller and Shirley MacDonald.

About the Whole Health Centre

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 The Whole Health Centre was created in 1996 by Brian and Anne-Lise Miller. Originally located in North London at near-by England's Lane (number 16), it was one of the first complementary health clinics to specialise in colonic hydrotherapy, detoxification and the naturopathic approach of Dr Sheldon Deal. In 1997, The Whole Health Centre also became the home of Anne-Lise's professional training school for Colonic Hydrotherapy and hosted a number of events promoting detoxification and an integrative approach to health.

In 1998 the Whole Health Centre relocated to Scotland when Brian and Anne-lise moved to Coveyheugh House and opened a residential health and wellness centre offering juice fasting retreats. For the next 15 years, they continnued to teach and promote mindfulness, body/mind connection and detoxification practices to students of colonic hydrotherapy and retreat participants. 

The Whole Health Centre is now located in the newly refurbish clinic that once was "The Centre for Traditional Chinese Medecine", a well establish accupuncture clinic. The aim of the centre is to offer a peaceful haven of health education, inspiration and human connections.

The space is carefuly designed by Anne-Lise. It is split on two levels upstairs is reserved for events, classes and gatherings. There is a waiting area to hang out, read, drink tea and meditate at your leaisure. Downstairs is dedicated to individual therapies where there are three luxurious treatment rooms.


"Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care - Jerry Cantrell"
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The Whole Health Centre

78 Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, London NW3 2BE

Anne-Lise 07502 222 269

Shirley 07934 709 081


Nearest Stations :

Chalk Farm, London Underground (5 min walk)
Belsize Park, London Underground (8 min walk)
Kentish Town West, Overground (12 min walk)